Creative use of textures and shapes brings a woman’s world to life in this innovative stop-motion short.

Directed by Jessica Polaniecki

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  • saralee miles

    What a wonderful heartfelt moment.

  • Akiva Penaloza

    Jessica, this is a rich, cinematic experience of the heart and soul. I was into her journey and her story from the beginning. Your visual storytelling ability is strong and powerful. I was captured by the figurines and their lives as they surrounded this woman with love throughout her years. They remind me of my own treasures – my grandmother’s Green Card, my villain/strong woman doll collection, my Mexican Day of the Dead blue skeleton head, a sculpture of the orange tree I grew up with and a vintage photo of my first dog, Lobo. Yes, I look around the room and I am at home in my element. At the end of the day, I am at peace as my little friends uplift me and I fall asleep with a smile. You captured this in this wonderful little piece. I am deeply impressed and hope you have a wonderful career going for you.

  • Grinnin

    Yes, Commenter Akiva, I too am impressed. The message for me is that our things, which we have and hold, do nothing for us at the end of our days. So better our treasures be in heaven, as the antique scripture says. WOW! That must have taken a year to make all the items and then all the pictures. What care. I love your film!