The Shot

A new camera becomes a new reality for one curious man.

Directed by Miren Patel and Saeid Samimi

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  • Nikki Harmon

    Very interesting concept with the camera. One question – what was the message the directors want the audience to come away with? Was it just a shock ending for its own sake, or are you saying that frivolous use of a great gift ends badly? That was the message I got from it. Am I right? If not – what is the message?

    • James Pickett

      Nikki, I think the directors just did it because it was funny, but you can take whatever message from it that you like!

      • Miren Patel

        sure did 😀 hahahaha 😛

        • Nikki Harmon

          Okay – I didn’t find the humor in it, but that’s just me. It was such a nice set-up that I wanted a substantial ending.

  • Kenny Boggins

    HIghly captivating from the outset. Brilliant, original concept, no screen time wasted with lots of titles or credits.

  • MrsDobalinaa

    Eh, not sure this deserves to be the week’s winner…perhaps some funny voting business???

  • Arnold

    Because it is not a week’s winner, it is just virtual voting game… does not deserve it, it is a joke

  • Matthew Mesiano

    Very deserving of this weeks award! Bravo to the team behind The Shot, more of the same please!


    Nice idea. Congrats.

  • stephanie

    This was the most innovative short i’ve seen on this program. really liked it as i’m always looking for the ‘shot’ but this is amazing. too bad it was along side the moon short which i had to vote for.

  • Helen Spingola

    It kept me interested all the way to the end!

  • Friendship04547

    This was fantastic! What an incredible amount of content packed into such a short film.

    I got the message. After watching a few “camera shots”, I was suddenly on the edge of my seat considering the potential risks and danger that the character was putting himself into. He might choose a location that he had insufficient understanding for the consequences. He might lose his picture places book in a dangerous location. Sure enough, it happened. This is a metaphor for the high risks of technology. We think its great. We love it. It does wonderful things. Then zam bam. We are imprisoned, destroyed or dead.

    This short is powerful. Play attention.