The Life: Ballerina

A porcelain figurine appears to be the model of perfection.

Directed by Mohammad Maaty

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  • Chris

    I randomly decided to watch this short & was struck by how cinematic (and more importantly) how emotional it is. It has an anti-trafficking message – but it’s captured in a really economical way. You just see this poor girl’s heartbreak and lost innocence in a few moments.

  • Nikki Harmon

    There’s an amazingly sad and beautiful arc to the character. The directing and editing is spot on, and the message has a slow and well metered arc that allows the audience to work up to it which makes the impact stronger. It got my vote this week.

  • Deniro

    I would drive by in the car with my family and see young girls around my age and younger outside on weird parts of neighborhoods and wonder how they got there and why their parents aren’t outside looking for them. Now I know why. So sad that this show has to win a contest to bring awareness to this. Glad someone I follow chose to post this on her page.

  • Jacalyn Evone

    Beautifully captured cinematically. The story powerful and impacting. It made my heart ache. Well done.

  • Jeffrey Howard

    This is an absolutely beautiful heart-wrenching work of art told through the lens, reflecting a section of life that so few people truly know about, yet permeates through our society on a daily basis. I sat here at my work computer and literally shed a tear as my coworkers passed by. BRAVO Mohammad!!

  • fawn

    Wow, gut wrenching and heart aching!

  • Rene Holder

    How often we see this as we go about our day and just walk by or ignore.

  • Leylani Vincenty

    It was truly an experience that can’t help but take your heart away!

  • rohan maheindra

    “The Ballerina” is wonderfully written & directed + the Actress is stunningly good.
    A truly Masterful Work!!

  • bob knapp

    brilliant.. and so, so tragic.. makes you wanna’ hug that girl and tell her you love her… :’