Shot ~ Emerging Face of a Nationless World

Artists cross borders to reach New York City, creating a new home for international expression.

Directed by Jie-Song Zhang.

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  • Benjamin Ellis


  • An Rong Xu

    Great short on the ever changing world, and the facts of life. Bravo!

  • Guido

    Great great short exploring the exciting creative/human potential of the increasingly connected world.

  • Cara Zeller


  • Steven

    Voted,loved it

  • Monica

    Voted, Love you…

  • Tone Are

    Vote for this innovative work

  • Xin Tan

    love it! Great shot! This world need more person who really loves art with their beatutiful dream!

  • Phil


  • MIFirestone

    more than ever, it is important that we understand: this is one world …

  • Brett Northcutt

    Keep it up, Jie! Exceptional work.

  • lakenya tam

    Brother!!HAD to look at this twice. I am feeling the magic…
    I VOTED!!!!

  • Firewolf Bizahaloni-Wong

    What an incredible film! I absolutely loved it & I love the varied artistic expressions. As a Navajo Indian, I’m used to fighting the system & the government, but it gives me great hope & joy to see the beauty of such diversity, true to their individual cultures, yet uniting in the love of their art.

  • brendan


  • +Aziz

    I have been supporting Jie-Song’s work for 2 years – here is a blog post we did years ago >

  • Kid Lucky

    This is a really cool short! I hope it wins!

  • Cynthia K.

    Voted! Will spread the word via email and organizational listserves soon :) Thank you for your work, Jie-Song!


    amazing work…goodluck! OMwards

  • Harden


  • Mariana

    Vote for you! It’s truly amazing! :)

  • Marynia


  • eduardo

    be sure you got lot’s of love over here in mexico brother. via the city of juarez.

  • Denton


  • Mimi Bailey

    Amazing cinematography…it speaks the truth about artistic expression.

  • Willie

    Good film! Great editing!

  • Nikki

    As each artist’s section finishes, you want it to continue, but you’re excited to meet the next one, and then the next one, and the one after that. What a lovely and interesting piece of work.

  • Maria T

    The film shows the face of the global city, multifaceted and multicultural. Good job, I liked the content, photography and message

  • charley

    i like the film. might i suggest using the performance sound instead of the background music?

  • April Mojica

    Gorgeous, rhythmic, hip, and very on point.

  • Stevvi

    This piece looks amazing and I am inspired by his idealism of blending nations, peoples and art!

  • Stevvi

    Tried to leave a comment earlier not sure what happened but I am very excited for this project. I appreciate Jie-Song’s foresight of the inevitable blending of nations, peoples and art!!

  • P. Iyer

    Jie-Song’s the man!!!

  • Isaac Campos

    I voted!! This is as real as it gets!

  • Luke Isenbarger

    Awesome film jie!!!! Never short of creativity my friend! Keep up,the good work!

  • Wendy

    Jie…You are incredibly Amazing!!! Very original, and I enjoyed all the artistic expressions. You are on point reaching all faces in every nation! ONE LOVE Jie!

  • Amanda Leatherman

    I’m a teacher and I experience this every day. I too, am proud to be a part of this Nationless World. Amazing!

  • Katy Karrmann

    What an amazing job you have done! I look forward to seeing more of your talent down the road!

  • Rosa

    A terrific initiative, great film! Love the title, love the content!! Planning to show it to my school – St. John’s University, Queens New York!

  • Shelley


  • Shelley

    But the audio must GO : too primal :

  • Emad Alaeddin

    Voted dude! It really is a wonderful piece!!

    If your friends would be so kind to vote for my band, it would help immensely!!

  • Perfumadelarosa

    That’s serious SHIT man. If the world applies half of what NY city is applying, there will be NO war and human boundaries will dissolve. I’m sharing it endlessly ;)