White Paint

Lines converge with music in this innovative short.

Directed by Antony Barkworth-Knight

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  • Natasha Radova

    Fresh, energising and captivating! Brilliantly executed.

  • Estelle Shepherd

    Like it…a lot

  • ToBeBiUs

    I really like the simplicity of just paper and pen. I realise its not as simple as it first appears, the dancing girl flows through each scene with the choreography on beat, we also follow her timeline effortlessly… some clever stuff goin here. Lovely little steal away watching this short film, made me smile.. she seems really happy just dancing away. Great sound track too.

  • Carlette

    I am very suspicous of this film’s voting activity; I am concerned that the voting may not be ethical. Thank you!

  • Carlette

    If cheating was the case in this situation, I hope that those involved are aware of the opportunity they stole to showcase the work not of an individual but of a large number of youth who worked very hard. Initiatives such as Reel 13 should be grassroots based and function of the masses, not of those who know how to manipulate the internet and/or an IP address.

  • Braze

    Carlette, your posts sound a lot like sour grapes. Do you have any evidence to support your claims or are you just disappointed? For my part I’m happy that White Paint won, because it was the best film on show. Better luck next time.