Where, There, Here

Where, There, Here: Playful visualization of “Hide and Seek.” Masked African characters dance to a pounding afro-beat in this snappy and fluid animation using only sand.

Directed by Soyeon Kim

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  • Allyssa

    The abstraction that was mixed with recognizable images makes an interesting narrative. I like how you alternated between black and white background and the constant swirling motion.

  • Michael

    wonderful animation. well executed. there is great talent here.

  • Steve Eat


  • Tanya

    Amazing to see how much can be accomplished in such a brief piece. Bravo!

  • Harold

    Very fun and playful movement, between positive and negative image purely based on grains of sand. Simple yet very strong visual piece!

  • walter

    amazing competition this week– three fantastic animations, but in the end I think this one is the best. such graceful movements!

  • hsinping

    so beautiful! I love the ending!!

  • Andrew Cano

    Cool. makes me wanna dance!!!

  • ewan

    The African images and music blended well, however, I found it stressful and dark which I found unsettling.