A Jewish girl and a Palestinian guy celebrate their wedding day amid prejudice, love, and kosher crispy duck pancakes.

Directed by Dan Susman

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  • Helen Wright

    I would highly recommend this fantastic story of forbidden love that ends with a delightful twist.

    Dan is a gifted director whose work lets audiences see the world in new and unexpected ways. This is due in part to the attention he gives to getting the best performance out of everyone he works with, be it greats such as Maureen Lipman or someone who is on screen for the first time.

  • Amelie Villeneuve

    Beautifully shot and very sophisticated.

  • Abhaey Singh

    One of my favourite shorts – I like the photography and editing in particular, and Dan’s direction is easily on par with that of experienced feature film directors.

  • Katy Delahay

    This is a stunning short film! A real cut above! This is a rare jewel of a film, which in it’s short time on screen has all the key components of any feature film. It is beautifully shot and crafted together but I think the real strength comes from the writing and the ground work which has been put into the fundementals of the story and the direction. It’s a thought provoking, entertaining and beautiful film and I sincerely hope that it wins this competition.

  • davies

    if this children of sarah n hagar can do it y not all the children of the same God they pray to

  • Merchant Prince

    Good film :D

    The romantic scenery was the marriage, obviously right. You can see the actors bubbling up tears in their eyes. I almost felt it for a second. I give a thumbs up :D

  • Nigel Spence

    Beautiful, intelligent, sensitive – a real treat to experience!

  • Ian Deans

    What a brilliant short film. Brilliantly shot and acted. Five stars!

  • David Jenkins

    Stylish, clever, elegant and beautifully filmed. Excellent

  • Howard Levene

    Very sensitive treatment of a hugely difficult situation

  • Jan Collie

    A thoughtful and incisive commentary on the ingrained prejudices which still pervade amongst people of all religious backgrounds, causing those who love each other most to hurt each other most.
    Well acted and beautifully directed and shot.

  • needea


  • Krystle

    Beautiful film, absolutely brilliant!! Such a twist towards the end though!

  • Helene

    This short film had a maturity which helped it rise a shade above the others.

  • VickiP

    Beautifully acted and v accomplished short film. Deserves to win.

  • Beth Bernett

    Loved this. Should have won.