Understatement: You’ll never look at your cube-mates the same way after watching Hong’s animated look at ‘a day in the life’ of an office worker.

Directed by Shiou-wen Hong

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  • Nikki

    Very interesting work.

  • Frog

    Beautiful film, would love to see a feature length in this style!

  • RN

    I vote for this one, but my computer won’t let me. Beautiful work. The whole piece is poetic and the visuals show complexity and thought.

  • AH MUI


  • SteGo

    Congratulations Shiou-wen!
    Nice short.
    But I think some more finishing touches could have been invested.
    Keep on creating!

  • SteLis

    Wow, very beautiful.

  • MevereyYT

    Very nice work!

  • Carood1989

    Very welldone, I don’t know how you done this but the result is magnificent.

  • shiouwen

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments and votes. It is very encouraging for my future projects. Will keep on creating!

    Thanks again!

  • Su

    Colorful and intriguing this one has my vote.

  • yeh


  • joan

    very good

  • Helene Elizabeth

    Shades of ‘Shindler’s List’. Excellent. Thank you. Please keep making films.

  • Judy

    Very creative and interesting. It was a tough choice this week and I could have voted for all three shorts. The music was compelling and the message, well it was a bit dark, but true.