Trigger Happy

The comic animation proves that sometimes even super heroes have trouble telling right from wrong.

Directed by Javier Lopez-Duprey

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  • Sasha

    This is the best film EVER!!! Great CG!!

  • Mayra

    My nieces and nephews were like hypnotized and wanted to play it again and again!

  • Rosa Gemma

    i love it, very well done, captivating :-)

  • Miguel

    Great animation! My kids love it!

  • cristina

    Ilove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cristina

    OMG!! Love it, love it!!!!!

  • Art

    Very entertaining

  • HaRsH

    Goood work

  • Lynelle

    Awesome! Made me laugh! :)

  • Rene

    Excellent Work,made me lauugh a lot

  • VW

    Great work!!!

  • JJ The clown

    Did he kill the grandma cause he was frustrated by not killing the steamroller? Really?? Looks too much like a first draft of “The incredibles” Nice music at least.

  • Titi Vivian y Tio Lelo

    Dear Javi:
    Nos encanto!!!! Good luck and God Bless. You have the talent, we always know it!!!!

  • rebecca

    Total ‘The Incredibles’ rip off. Also, what kind of audience is this meant for? I’d never show it to a kid, and as an adult i thought it was lame.

  • Love

    JJ and rebecca: stop being haters. Seriously, that’s so high school.

  • Lorraine

    My nieces & nephews (6,8,&9yrs)old understood perfectly that this mean guy couldnt fool anyone trying to be a hero when he wasn’t. They were told and understood that the images of babies, old lady, etc. were just pictures part of the test and he failed for being a VILLAIN.IS this so hard for Rebecca?

  • Francis Vallejo

    Man, this is one heck of a great animation. LOVE IT!!!! Congrats to Javier!

  • Margret

    This sort of animated stuff is getting boring. The other two shorts were much more original.

  • Jackson

    Margret, sore looser much?

  • Rebecca

    Lorraine, the “villain” murdered the test giver behind the desk at the end of the film. Not exactly the message I’d like my kids to take away should they ever fail a test. Maybe if there had been some repercussion for his bad behavior (and some originality to the story) I would have thought it was a better short for kids.

  • Justine

    Hi Rebecca,

    I highly enjoyed this piece and found it great for my whole family to watch.

    If the only thing your kids walks away from after watching this is shooting fake cute-outs of old people that explode in rainbow colored smoke then something is seriously wrong with your kids.

    But, since you can’t tell the difference between something fake and something real, dare I say something is seriously wrong with YOU.

  • Justine

    Also Lorraine,

    You obviously didn’t watch ALL of The Incredibles. Not only do they touch on topics such as “is my husband cheating on me”, “letting you anger throw your boss through a wall”, “Robots trying to kill dad and pull him apart”, and “doing things behind your wifes back”. You obviously didn’t watch the film…or you’re just not very observant.

    Also, Pixar’s latest film UP, dare I remind you. They totally killed off the bad guy by having him fall to his death.

    I hope you don’t let your kids watch Pixar. If you think 2 minute very well done STUDENT film is going to turn your kids minds to convicted serial killer, then God forbid what Pixar will do to them if they watch UP.

  • Justine

    Sorry Lorraine, I meant that to be directed at Rebecca.

  • Laura

    Some say the sky is blue; some may see it … green or purplelish.
    But the winner is ….. the winner!

  • Maribelle & Tito

    Javi; Awesome movie I love it!

  • Veronica

    Javi like any other professional has work he admires and is inspired by the incredibles is one REBECCA AND JJ THE CLOWN!!! but this was completely original and unique…its his work..stop hating..

  • Alex


    Your comment has been noted. It is because of incredibly over sensitive people like you that quality animated products like looney tunes are no longer being made or shown on television. It is a piece of animation. If you don’t like it you can censor your children from it, but don’t make a war cry in the attempt to say that this is wrong.
    Furthermore if you honestly think that your children cannot discern the difference between fantasy and reality maybe you should be sitting down and talking with them instead of arguing with strangers on the internet.