This Happens Every Day

This video was shot in 40 cities on 5 continents. It shows 121 performances containing 300 performers, who between them perform to tens of thousands of people every day. They are street performers, “buskers”, a misrepresented source of free art that is accessible by every city-dweller in the world. We’ve seen them being enjoyed in every city on our journey. And what a trip. The three of us, three first-time filmmakers with little experience and without the backing of sponsors or a production company, have spent the last 10 months travelling around the world to film street performers, examine their lives, and bring their beauty to you.

Directed by Chris Smith.

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  • Chris Smith

    Nick Broad is the editor of this movie using footage from all around the world, filmed by The Busking Project.

  • eden

    i am in this

  • Nikki

    Excellent! Fun to watch, and well edited. You can’t help but smile and tap your foot.


    This might just be the last real way of making a living under the radar, Can’t wait to busk myself in a few short years. This is the Unplugged life at it’s best. But of course it’s cool to record these performances with digital media as long as you make a donation. If you don’t I consider the act piracy, So like this short so it will be seen on channel 13. thanks.

  • Ruth Rosselson

    Absolutely fabulous footage.

  • Terrie

    Awesome short film! Saw a little glimpse of our family band for a second!

  • Cathy Grier NYCSubwayGirl

    The Busking Project’s clip “This Happens Every Day” is such a perfect title. As a street performer we see so much and it’s live!, loving people, joy beautiful.

    This does happen every day.

    the clip is amazing, goosebump amazing

  • Alicia Eck

    This gives my young niece to acknowledge and learn at last that their is more than a Flash Mob more out there!

  • Gazzo

    Just love this film project

  • Jo Collins

    Don’t let this performance art become a thing of the past, support it and enjoy it!

  • Sally

    Fabulous, go travel and enjoy, thanks buskers!

  • Nikki

    I still remember the man in the Paris Metro, in 1962/3, who had a small mechanical Carousel, and he played the accordion as it went around and around. Buskers stay in your memory, and make you smile, even 50 years later.

  • L N

    “This Happens Every Day” is quite an amazing collage of busking performances. I was certainly fascinated to see all of it, but it transmitted poorly on my slow DSL connection. I had to re-start the video every-other-second (literally). Production-wise, I do not feel it’s a 1st prize winner. Should I blame my connection instead? Maybe. In any case, it’s a marvelous and eye-opening short film. Congratulations! — Brooklyn Heights, NY

  • Terrie

    It played really well on my computer, perhaps it was your connection! Yay it Won!!!

  • Reg Miles

    Tried to vote but it said you had already won. Congrats! Cool film! Wish that I could have seem my mug in there but I was happy to see a couple of locals to the Seattle scene. Maybe in the next film? ;o)

  • Lynn

    I have followed this project since i first found it on kickstarter – i have my postcard framed on my wall :)
    – these guys deserve the recognition – WAY TO GO!!!!!

  • Spandy Andy


  • Johanna B.

    Fab! And I recognize several cities….great concept & loved the music & mime.

  • Chris Smith

    Thank you everyone for helping our video to win the competition and for all your kind comments x

  • Spin

    How do we watch the full film?
    Looks amazing! :D

  • Daniel Troncoso Kong

    excelente, muy bueno…

  • ali clarke

    Havent followed this project very closely, hadnt realised how brilliant, vibrant, inclusive and FUN it is…….till I saw this clip! Inspiring. ali c

  • Chris Smith

    The full film is currently in production. We collected an amazing amount of footage over the ten months of film/travel. Now we are working on the huge task of sorting, editing and producing the documentary.

    Thank you for your support.

  • Iris Carulli

    Made me cry from happiness. Thanks.

  • Shela White

    What a breath of fresh air! Inspired film-making. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Reggie Miles

    This is a wonderful project! It’s a shame that your crew was so busy while in Seattle. I was hoping to be included in your film during your trip to the Pacific Northwest. :o( There’s so much street performing happening in the Seattle area, that the scene here could easily merit another documentary film or even cable television show. There have already been several films created about street performers in the Seattle area. I’ve been included in a few of those documentaries and would love to see another film focus on this very special community of entertainers.

    All the best

  • Peter Podgursky

    Congrats on the win. I sort of hate you, but don’t take it personally. I like your movie. Break a leg with the feature.

  • Laurie Palmer

    I can not believe this was the winner! It looks like a commercial. What are you people thinking!

  • juan robles

    Los estuvimos esperando en Oaxaca…

  • virginia mcclure

    All the world IS a stage- loved it.

  • Nick Broad

    Absolutely. Every city, every day, buskers add some soul to the streets! We were lucky enough to capture some of it.

  • Nick Broad

    In a way it WAS a commercial — for busking itself. Cutting it together, though, taking the right shots…that was where we made it a piece of art.

  • Nick Broad

    Hahaha, I wish I’d seen this earlier. Thanks Peter. I kinda hate us too. For people who don’t know Peter’s INSPIRED work —

  • Nick Broad

    Thanks Reggie!! Wish we could have filmed you too :)

  • Nick Broad

    Wow, thank you! Sorry I missed this comment before. x