The Waking Artist

The Waking Artist: A sleepless man wanders from the city to the sea trying to “find the right dream.” Inspired by Franz Kaftka’s “The Hunger Artist.”

Directed by Jacob Mendel

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  • Ryan Burdick

    This is excellent! Just check out the colors and contrast with the audio!

  • David

    This is the first film by Jacob Mendel I had the pleasure of seeing – clear, knowing and beautifully executed, The Waking Artist is a film that works and also makes the viewer keen to see the filmmaker’s next work. Check out Jacob’s work on Vimeo – you won’t be disappointed.

  • Jayne De Sesa

    Beautiful music!

  • c

    beautiful visuals, great music !

  • mike simo

    good job, jacob. lovin the coney island scenery – reminds me of when i used to play ice hockey at the rink right next to that red tower thing when i was a kid. and “Shoot The Freak” is priceless.

  • e

    beautifully shot, but the voiceover accent sounds very michigan and i think the story could be told more compellingly by the voice. I think the flat sound of the voiceover is this film’s achilles heel.

  • Moriel

    Really good.

  • RW

    Amazing visuals. Music compliments the ambience of the film perfectly. Great production!