The Tiger and the Turtle

A grumpy tiger and his adventurous turtle friend get into trouble in their backyard.

Directed by Matthew Merenda.

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  • Nikki

    Nice ending with the car.

  • brendan

    That was great! I loved it. I was so worried for them both. Thank goodness it had a happy ending.

  • L N

    “The Tiger and the Turtle” is a charming and creative production. The sound effects and camera angles captured the clear non-dialogue and the story is tight and complete with a good ending. It’s not a 1st prize winner, but still a valid contender. Bravo! — Brooklyn Heights, NY

  • David Ker Thomson

    Made me cry. Like, a lot. But it’s not sentimental in a bad way. In fact, formally, it’s really restrained.

  • David Ker Thomson

    oh, these comments go on FaceBook? Well, so what. I’m not embarrassed to cry at a good film. Well, not that embarrassed.