The Stone Child

The Stone Child: An 11-year-old Lakota boy searches for a home after a painful divorce.

Directed by Chris Martini

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  • Romano Orzari

    An honest and daring approach to such a story. All the more poignant when told from a child’s point of view. Lyrical and without sentimentality.

  • melanie

    Strong and sensitive acting

  • caroline

    moving and thought provoking. powerful.

  • Nikki

    Very moving, and made all the more poignant by showing us through the child’s POV.

  • Studio West

    Mr. Martini honest approach and sensitive direction depicts a way of life that has been almost forgotten on the Northern Plains of America. Bravo! Studio West Management

  • Bonnie Bartel Latino

    This gripping short film was painfully beautiful. It was also difficult to watch because of the depth of emotion portrayed.

    Well done to the film maker.

  • pete christopher

    Thought provoking on so many levels this movie triggered questions and emotions way beyond many others .Left me wanting more,excellent.

  • Julie Wenger

    Tatanka!What a powerful spiritual connection! Nicely done and great ending!

  • Diana

    WellDirected – Chris is developing his skills with a very sensative touch

  • Jeff

    Predictable, typical “sympathy” type of story. Not impressed.

  • Eva

    A little gem. More precious yet because it’s not words that speak the truth beneath what’s apparent to the eye. Difficult to resist the assault of new flourishing emotions all through it. Just the right amount of compassion and toughness distilling of the compelling eye of Chris Martini.

  • Glo

    left me wanting to know more.

  • Adam

    The “Reel 13″ presentation of this short was incomplete… when I watched it, it seemed like important material was missing, so I went on YouTube and found the COMPLETE “Stone Child,” in two parts. Part One includes a brief intro card, The Myth of the Stone Child, which helps explain what will happen later on. Part Two has another important scene, a final scene occuring just after where the Reel 13 version abruptly ends. Just search for “The Stone Child” on YouTube and watch both parts of the official version, and it will make much more sense and feel more complete.

  • norbert williams

    this film was ok eventhough it left me wanting to know what happen between the boy and his father after the argument. this film showed how there are disfunctional families. the sound on the film was clear but the actors were horrible but the lighting for the film was good.

  • dimitrik

    the acting was horrible an i think they could of used a better scene to explain this problem. feel bad for the kid tho