The Problem of Gravity

A young Brooklyn boy becomes fascinated with flight.

Directed by Trevor Zhou

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  • François

    I loved this short. The world needs more films like this one.

  • Fay Thomson

    I thought it was a good idea, liking the beginning and the Superman touch. I felt dissatisfied with the ending.

  • brian

    amazing film! I was inspired

  • liuxiaoqian


  • Karen

    Very inspiring short! Great work Trevor! Really enjoyed this! :)

  • Diane Murdock

    Weird- the way you get the votes in the last minute !

  • Nikki Raed

    This is fraud !

  • viv

    Hi Nikki,
    I tottaly agree with you

  • roy coria

    My dream…..


  • George


  • Mary

    The boy was so sweet. Loved this.

  • Romane simon

    very nice, i like it

  • liz alexy

    sweet story, cute boy (is that you/autobiographical trevor? 😉

  • Carol

    Great! Perfect ending. Perfect all the way.

  • Ed Nussbaum

    Very nice, a good little film.