The Perfect Park

The Perfect Park: The protagonist of “The Perfect Park,” a Perfectionist, is obsessed with parking his car perfectly.  Equipped with measuring tools and gadgets, he demands from himself the highest standards in the art of parking.  But perfection is relative to the surrounding environment. How can one park perfectly in an imperfect parking lot?

Directed by Leon Sooi

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  • ooi min guat

    Don’t be a perfectionist,as long as we try our best in whatever we do,we should feel happy.Winning doesn’t always mean
    being first,winning means you are doing better than you have done before.

  • Andreas

    This is a winner!!!
    Great art work, funny story!!

  • DG

    Hilarious. Very weird animation – unique.

  • Bob Conovitz

    This is really very funny. Very human. Very well expressed.

  • sonya

    no anticipation, no detail expression and actions, any basic skill on this.
    If you know about animation.
    The Kanon onw is a lot better.

  • mrs tay

    great piece of work. a perfectionist is what is being portrayed in the film.

  • Yeh Kuei Chen

    Very Good. I vote for “The Perfect park”.

  • Arun Balasubramanian

    This is fantastic effort…Wonderful expressions and good story.Its a treat to watch. Good work.

  • Chelsea

    Love the voiceover!

  • Johnny

    It made my day …

  • Liz

    Love how this one really focuses on character. Very believable and charming.

  • ImbaFreak

    Hwa Chong FTW

  • Andy W

    Really well executed. Good concept and expressions are great

  • Misha Wilkinson

    Excellent – much better than the other two in terms of story development, wonderfully clever opening titles, interesting “angles” in terms of the animation etc. I guess your inspiration for this movie was a very obsessive guy. This had all the elements of a short story – you have a good intro, interesting middle part with a climax of the crash, and then a final resolution. I also think you build the character of the guy well — and we understand his obsessive nature….just nothing is more important for him than the perfect park! Well done.

  • Leon Sooi

    Hi everyone, thanks for the votes and all the positive feedback! Sonya, thanks also for the astute critique on my animation technique. I will certainly be improving on those skills in future projects.

  • sophil

    what a thought provoking animation….well done:>

  • Susan Leong

    Well done, Leon! Great work! Very entertaining with very colourful animation. I like it. You must have put in a lot of effort & hard work into it. I enjoy watching it from beginning to end. You are a winner!

  • Cheesy Chews

    Nice! Like it very much!
    You are definitely the winner! Congrats!

  • Carrie A

    Loved the animation. I think we’ve all experienced his dilemma, one time or another!

  • Judy Chua

    You are creative, artistic and innovative. I like it very much. well done . keep it up.

  • walter

    by the way, i finally figured out how you’ve been cheating but too late to catch you.

  • Mikko M

    A focus and persistent character yet blend with a streak’ of humour. Able to relate closely to one’s heart desire as we endeavour for the best. Life is transient and we need to embrace our lives positively in all scenarios. Good character built-up. I enjoy. Ganbatte!

  • Robert

    I find your character animation is kind of stiff and moves in add ways. I personally think its an ok animation, but not a winning one. Mostly because your idea is not original, there are many other animation that has the same story concept. Sorry if I offended you, I would have voted for you if you had better character animation and a original story concept.

  • Vicki

    Too bad the quality of your work was not good enough that you had to cheat.

  • melissa

    Visually it was appealing for the first 10 seconds. Then it was just tedious and self-indulgent. I had to fast forward to get through it and I can’t believe that it LEGITIMATELY earned more votes than the other 2.

  • jason

    excellent. definitely more interesting and better story line.

  • Emilie

    your story’s concept is not original and the vocals were quite off, , ,so you’ve got votes cs you’ve got your school or something rooting for you, yeah ?

  • Benny

    Too late, but Leon, you would have gotten my vote. I am no art expert, but I still enjoyed your film. Keep up the good work.
    And what’s wrong with getting schoolmates, family and workmates to vote ….. Unless only art experts are entitled to vote.

  • Ng

    Look up Hwa Chong and you will find out that it is a high school.

    For an individual mind this young to come up with a beautiful animation that brilliantly captures the expectations and measures placed on students in today’s society would no doubt have won him fans from among his peers.

    Hence I do not see it as unrealistic that someone with support from his friends to find it hard to get a few hundred votes. Walter – your own clip was quite refreshing as well, however your accusations are seen as being greatly ungracious.

  • Mildred

    Accomplishes much with economy of means.
    Funny, human, clever, and good looking.

    Also, something of a surprise ending.

  • Bruce

    My kitten liked “Manifestations”, but I liked “The Perfect Park”. Go figure.