The Nuclear Physicist Gives His Son a Haircut

The Nuclear Physicist Gives His Son a Haircut: A father gives his son a haircut… and some unexpected advice.

Directed by Hanan Harchol

This film is presented in partnership with The New York Jewish Film Festival.

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  • Irit

    Love it!

  • Andrew

    Fantastic! So true!

  • Tina

    so funny & entertaining!

  • Mark


  • Christina

    This is hysterical – I want more!

  • Micha


  • Neil

    This should be made into a series, it would be awesome!

  • buol

    this is hysterical!

  • hattie

    Couldn’t stop laughing…riotious and poignant! Has to win so others can enjoy it.

  • Michael

    Brilliant depiction of how cultural values are passed down and filtered through these informal, repetitive, ritualistic ceremonies (the haircut in the bathroom!). And what engaging, humorous interaction – like we’re watching a skilled ventriloquist!

  • emilia

    Hilarious. More!!!

  • Carol Becker

    This is hilarious and really so well done. I love the voices. Carol

  • Tirtza weiner

    very impressive

  • Mor

    Beautifully done!

  • Yaakov Weiner


  • Noam

    Waiting for another piece

  • Noga

    Proud of you

  • Lee


  • Claudine

    Hanan, great stuff! Cheers!

  • Yvonne

    Bravo! Clever, funny, and so well executed. Looking forward to more from this talented film maker.

  • Jennifer Jay

    Brilliant!!! I loved the simplicity. It works like a finely oiled machine…and HYSTERICAL!!

  • Gidy

    very funny

  • Kirsten

    Hilarious, and the facial expressions are incredible!

  • Eleanor

    I loved this video. Very creative.

  • Nicole

    Brilliant! Wish this were a series….I would definitely watch. Love the animation style and the voices. Really well done!

  • Maria

    Awesome! I really loved the video.

  • david

    Ah, those rascal hormones…COME BACK!!!!!!!!!

    Loved the film!

  • Andrew

    Fantastic Hanan!

  • Joseph, U.S.M.C.

    One of the best films ever. Classic. He should make more….

  • Abby & Ed

    Fantastic. We loved how the hair gets shorter and shorter as Dad talks about losing his hormones. So artistic. Timing is impeccable. Chanan, you’re a genius!

  • Robert

    I like Abby & Ed’s observation! Absolutely spot on!
    Hanan, a fantastic artistic, comedic and very insightful project. Continue with both your visual and guitar artistic self!

  • esther

    very smart!

  • Scott

    Fabulous job, Hanan! comical and tragic…wow! You are so gifted!

  • Tatyana

    Gritty and so true!!!Thank you-it was a revelation-let me go look for the guys at the gym :)

  • benjamin shamir

    a movie by another over-sexed jew

  • Tom Schreiber

    Great work Hanan! Congratulations

  • Ermelinda Cortes

    Tragically funny! “It’s the hormones” Great Job!

  • Solomon

    too good for just one shot, Hanan. Your voice for the father
    was perfect. more please

  • dave

    wow, very funny!! but what does it have to do with nuclear physics?

  • Ruth Schwarzhaupt

    Charming and funny!!!