The Night Caller

The telephone communicates fear after Dad leaves for work.

Directed by Peter Podgursky & Donna Thorland.

Q&A with the Filmmakers

How did you come across Gary Raisor’s story?

Donna first read “The Night Caller” in a horror anthology over a decade ago, when she was writing and producing the Halloween program “Eerie Events” at the Peabody Essex Museum, in Salem, Massachusetts. The story stayed with Donna, and when we set out to make a new film, we realized that Gary Raisor’s skillful blend of old-fashioned ghost story and modern suspense would make a great short. Unfortunately, Donna couldn’t remember the title of the story, the name of the author, or what the anthology was called… Eleven anthologies and six hundred short stories later, we found “The Night Caller” again.

Peter Podgursky & Donna Thorland

Peter Podgursky & Donna Thorland

Describe the shooting process.

We shot the film over three days in Donna’s apartment in Los Angeles, during record July heat.

How have audiences reacted to the film?

In October, “The Night Caller” premiered at Screamfest, in front of a packed audience of devout horror fans. With no blood or overt violence, the film still managed to chill the Screamfest audience–high praise indeed!

What are you working on now?

We’re hard at work getting ready to shoot our first full-length feature, a suspense film in the same vein as “The Night Caller.”

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  • Jennifer Bonaroti CondronGold

    I was invited to the Cannes Film Festival last year and watched many trailers and teasers. “The Night Caller” had enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat, wanting to keep watching. Like the old Hitchcock films….I feel these directors really have the talent to keep the audience, on the edge of their seat. So step into the roller coaster and enjoy the ride!!!!

  • lejon Stewart


  • Kenneth Tanner

    Now this is good that you finally came up with something new that brings the viewers interest.
    It’s about time you woke up and start showing some new horror movies. You need to show The Night Caller on T.V. I bet your ratings will be sky rocket

  • Nikki

    The execution of the film is very good. although I would disagree with Kenneth Tanner’s comment, in that it’s not something new, but a variation of a early Twilight Zone episode entitled “Night Call.” That being said, it’s an excellent short, although I would have preferred the wife to have recognized her husband’s voice at the very end. I’m not sure if she did or not. It wasn’t that clear to me.

  • Jovy Lim

    Excellent and scary!!

  • What’s Wrong With You Nikki

    You finally showed something else besides night of the living dead. It’s about time.
    I have to say you should put this on T.V.
    By the way Nikki no offence but dude what kind of planet you are living on. I’m not saying that because you don’t agree with Kenneth Tanner and I agree with Kenneth. No I’m not saying it like that. But if you were paying attention to Thirteen for 3 years of them showing night of the living dead over and over again maybe you’ll know.
    Nikki dude this is something new they never showed this before they kept showing night of the living dead for 3 years.

  • Nikki

    It’s an adapation of a well known TV drama – and it’s not Dude, Dude.

  • Sara Amphion

    Definitely ready for tv! This is worth the thrill! Creepy and suspenseful!

  • Step Up Your Game Thirteen

    It`s about time you showed better horror movies Thirteen. I know The Night Caller is really going to make your ratings grow bigger. This seems awsome and scary. I’m sure your rtings would deffinetly go through the roof

  • Denise Burke

    This is a great short horror film. It would be nice to see the whole film as a movie.

  • Denise Burke

    This will be a great horror film to be shown on Halloween

  • Denise Burke

    You should put this on Tv Thirteen Seriously !!

  • Denise Burke

    You should put this movie on TV. For reel This movie is acually good.

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  • elle

    Really cool looking short!

  • Mike Thomas

    Nice little teaser. It had a “Night Gallery” kind of feel. Very economical use of cast, sets, and effects. A clean, scary teaser without actually doing anything,

  • Sophie

    Awesome job, Donna!! Truly creepy and spooky. The ending almost had me shutting my eyes. Nice work!

  • Jessica Castillo-Maldonado

    Excellent film!! Made me grateful I don’t have a house phone!!

  • Nancy Holder

    Great film! Love Gary Raisor’s stuff!