The Looney in a Straight Jacket

The Looney in a Straight Jacket: Shot in 16 mm, this classic tale of crime and punishment underscores the eternal quest for slapstick justice. Original score by Kevin F. Story.

Directed by Christian Nilsson

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  • Susan Hall

    Cute film> I haven’t seen any silent films in a long time. I did notice the cars parked, and they are new models. Ha!Haa!

  • Fredlyne B

    I Like This Film Very Much Because Of The Role The Looney Played. It Was Like Watching A Clown Play Tricks On People Over & Over Again.

  • bl0ondii3

    LUUUVVVVV DISZZ SHORT SHORT reminndsz me of dha oldd time filsz wiitch i luv dha backround music wasz great nd the film wass funnnnnnyyyyyyy

  • Beatrice Film Lover

    Hilarious! I laughed and laughed. (I thought your two competing films were..frankly…BORING!)

  • pdotbacot

    I still cant stop smiling when I watch this…wouldnt mind making a third one…

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  • dimitrik

    funny little story i like the back in the day feeling they gave the clip