The Last Cigarette

The Last Cigarette: A tourist trades her French habits for more “American” pursuits, but can it last?

Directed by Gabrielle Demeestere

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  • David Burke

    This is a little gem, subtle comedy, just the way I like it.

  • Kate Burnham

    Great composition, and flow from one scene to the next. A nice subtle look at differing cultures.

  • Daniel

    Of the three in competition, this is the best (and least annoying) short. Smooth transitions and great close-ups. The black-clad smoker reading Sartre is a great stereotype to use and make fun of. This short reminds me of Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’

  • Kristen Hung

    Very original, very interesting!

  • Rebecca

    a witty reflection on passing attractions, and trying on a new persona for size. definitely my favorite of the three.

  • Nikki

    I agree with Daniel. I lived in France and NY and the comparisons are fun and on point. The camera work is nice and the arc simple and not prolonged. And yes, it is the best and least annoying of the three.

  • linda afcharieh

    This is a wonderful film with dept and strenght. This is obviously a very talented film maker with great potential. The photography, subject matter and acting are very good as well. I loved it.

  • Ellen Levine

    Witty and insightful – definitely the best of the three.

  • C Chen

    Thought provoking and earnest. It also has a great sense of timing and fluidity. Very nicely done!

  • deanna schlesinger

    Enjoyable! loved the photography, choice of scenery, sound effects, characters…great job!

  • Trica keaton

    An excellent film! Gabrielle Demeestere is a rising star–correction, a star ‘pure et simple’!

  • Cynthia Boyd

    This film portrays a lovely contrast between what’s acceptable and what the young women decides to do with that in regards to smoking in the US now. I loved the contrast between what most young American women think is attractive (superficial) and the authenticity of the female character. It’s a sweet and amusing short piece, very refreshing.

  • Peter J. Manning

    wonderful–witty and understated.

  • jasmine afcharieh

    LOVED!!!!!!!!!!! I was actually upset when it ended. I wanted to see more of this young lady in NY. Great job Gabrielle!

  • Sheila

    Terrific film showing her états d’âme very clearly. Very graphic. Persuasive too. Bravo, Gabrielle

  • andy goldman

    loved it! definitely the winner!!

    susan heilbron & andy goldman
    members of your mv fanclub

  • maxine schnadelbach

    intelligent, insightful (enough) and restrained. shows a certain maturity in outlook.

  • BBB

    Beautifully structured. Nice, light mix of humor and seriousness. A lot goes on behind the apparent simplicity. Brava!

  • linda jeanette kosser

    definitely this is the best! Doesn’t even come close…loved it, wonderful film. Adorable, amusing and witty and clever. Good job Gabrielle

  • cote francine

    Funny and witty; the message goes through ….and the light, the absence of dialogues add to the intelligence of theis little film, I smiled and liked it very much…even if I am not a smoker!

  • Bob Skippon

    Very good, well-filmed, tightly structured. Didn’t like the ending: she shouldna picked up that cigarette….(just kidding, kinda)

  • yasmine khan

    very smooth g.
    i want more

  • Nikki

    It was nice to see this short again, and that it holds up after time.

  • helen Roberts Spingola

    Ah yes!! So difficult to quit – well done

  • Wildo Foreeldo

    Damn! You so talented girl. Where you be from? France???;) See you at school in a few weeks.