The Good Side

The Good Side: A disheveled man is unable to borrow a library book until a suit jacket and a series of coincidental events turns his luck around.

Directed by Lawrence Chen
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  • soph

    ok, freakn loved it and this music is great!!!

  • Jessica Chollet

    Perfect telling of how important people make their decisions on you based on how you look and how you are dressed, and how based on that its how one is treated.
    Very sad.

  • Wakima

    I trhought the film was good. It is sad that people judge others based on how they look. He got what he wanted in the long run.

  • Jake

    I agree with the message, but the presentation was painfully straightforward.

  • Helen Roberts Spingola

    They say “Clothes make the man.” Really? Enjoyed = nothing like
    having a passion for a book!

  • Carla

    Strange coincidences, but great message!