The Girl and the Fox

A nine-year-old girl tracks a mysterious fox through a foreboding wilderness.

Directed by Base14.

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  • Nikki

    Beautiful work!! But I have one small question – if the girl was following the fox’s tracks, why didn’t she leave footprints when she walked the same path, and why didn’t the fox leave any more tracks after the initial ones?

  • darcie

    This film was my inspiration to try animation! I really like this short.

  • Eva Vauchee

    Beautiful, mysterious, sad. Did I view the whole short or is there more. Doesn’t look as this will win. too bad. Anything that shows a tender connection between human & animal always breaks my heart.

  • Tyler Kupferer

    Thanks everyone for supporting and enjoying the film! Even if it does not show on TV, it will always be online to view for free.

  • Khalil Richardson