The End of Evolution

Facing yourself is never easy, especially when it involves cloning…

Directed by Adam Besheer

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  • Sunny

    Wow, love this short! So smart and well shot.

  • maria umhauzer

    it is a great film

  • reel guy

    great film.

  • Gadget Trish

    There are so many things about this short that really works for me. I love the that it keeps your attention, the special effects, the set, the quality, editing, and the acting. Very good job!

  • Steve

    good film, but could have been just as effective without so much vulgarity.

  • amos

    jimm james rocks it

  • olga


  • bfitz

    Not bad for a Brooklyn boy.

  • Ili

    Good job, I like it. I hope you win, good luck.

  • Janos Toth

    It is very interesting..!

  • jan

    very freaky… is life after life after life really this bizarre? wild imagination–a winner!

  • Jay

    Far out.

  • Josh Katz

    Wow this short Blows my mind. One of the best I’ve seen all month!

  • Kimbrough

    This film reverberated long after I saw the ending,which to me is the sign of a great film

  • bob besheer

    Made me think. I vote yea.

  • Rachel

    Clearly the best film and with a gorgeous sound track. This is a very talented film maker.

  • Catherine Goetsch

    Yes vote. Just right.

  • Joanie Fritz Zosike

    Yikes! I never saw that ending coming. I’m voting for this film. Very clean shooting and daring incursions of darkness and light. Love the score and the acting.

  • The Tempehst

    Coming off of the weekend I just had…well let’s just say I appreciate the non-reality check. Beautiful angling.

  • marilyn A

    Extremely creative

  • Peggy

    Intense. Jimmie James is so convincing!

  • Leigh Dean

    This short could easily have been part of a Twilight Zone drama–it was that good!

  • Kami

    He isn’t a Brooklyn boy….and likes to sleep with Tijuana prostitutes….

  • Brazenbbruklen

    nice ..