The Comfort of Cold

A portrait of one man’s ritual escape into the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay and the art that is influenced by his meditative experience.

Directed by Sara Newens.

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  • Kim Gilbert

    Love it Sara! Keep up the amazing work!!! Kimi

  • Rick David

    Bravo Sara and bravo Joe! Glad you didn’t go back in after the Alcatraz swim. You are a great inspiration.

  • Peter Y

    Great short! Just jump in!-)

  • Jeremy Larner

    A soft & beautiful film, about strength and the daily challenge of being alive to the utmost. Joe Illick speaks with the relaxed acceptance of himself and his surroundings that take a lifetime to develop… if one is lucky!

  • Kimberly Lowery

    I love your film. I love the way you show the movement of the water. It is so calming.

  • Elvis Presley

    Voting for this versus the other films is a no-brainer. The other choices are more of the personally oriented trash we get on cable. This is a serious statement about personal goals and limits.

  • Briar

    beautiful compositions!

  • uncle nick

    Great film. Hurrah for Sara

  • Tora Poeter

    Great film, great subject!

  • Charlotte

    Yeah Sara! Beautiful work.

  • H. Eckart

    Great stuff!

  • Christine B

    Amazing stuff!

  • John

    Thanks Sara-

    Joe is a college classmate and a real inspiration to all of we 75+ year old coots.

  • Megan M

    This video is soooo boringggggg

  • irtna


  • Phillip Lorenzo

    It always cool to see the art of humanity. Very cool stuff Sara!

  • spatula

    this so did not deserve to win!

  • ML Trigilio

    Great piece of work.

  • Judith Schwartz

    Great film. For those of you who have only swum on east coast beaches you have no idea how really cold that water i–even with a wet suit–at the height of the summer. Sara communicated very well the dedication that swimmers have for their sport and how it grounds us. It is an amazing experience to swim in that cove.

  • Jackie Baggio

    Great Job!

  • Clara Illick

    Awesome work Sara. Dad, I am so proud of you!

  • Gloria


  • Darrell Levi

    Wonderful, Joe: You’re obviously made of tough stuff. The tour of the Dolphin Club you gave us last time we were in SF was one of the highlights of our visit. Hope to see you soon.