Manners are truly a matter of taste in this dinner.

Directed by Yvonne Grzenkowicz

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  • julie robinson

    I love this film, it’s amazing work!

  • A. Neophytides

    I really liked this funky little film

  • mjbillo

    Oh how we perceive each other! I loved it!

  • K.C. Smith

    Most original piece I have seen in years!

  • Cristina Vergano

    Wonderful piece! A cutting social and psychological commentary with a surreal dark side.

  • Amy

    Caught halfway between delight and disgust while digesting TASTE, I recalled why I never dated that guy again. Great fun!

  • chris johns

    I thought this was truly funny and ironically true in some dinner engagements.

  • ralph clare

    This plimptonesque piece deftly and humorously plays with the fear of being perceived as grotesque by others that haunts us all. Alienation here becomes literal, yet a conservative rally for “normality” is wonderfully undercut by the dainty claw at the film’s end.

  • Rebecca

    Such a graceful and funny piece! Love this.

  • Alexis

    I LOVE this!

  • mark

    i understand just what the female feels.I thought it was funny.

  • Kevin K

    Very nice work and lots of it I’m sure!

  • Thomas L.

    I want what he’s having

  • Adam L.

    This SUCKS

  • Rick J

    Doesn’t suck..the other one is just better. Glad this isn’t a popularity contest or anything though

  • n. martell

    lol – men are animals at the table!

  • chris brown

    Love it, reminds me of a few dates I had. lol Should call it “dinning with the Liberals” lol

  • R Johns

    Enjoyed the transmogrophy of the gentleman. What a captavating experience.

  • Raychelll Pace

    Very Interesting ;) I loved it! And The drawing was incredible=D

  • John

    Brilliant! The clear winner.

  • Branda Lemay

    This was absolutely wonderful! So creative and fun. I’m glad it won.

  • Boo R.

    Beautiful work!

  • Maureen Coffey

    Congratulations Yvonne
    I LOVED this !
    Funny, elegant, great images, provocative.

  • Prakash

    Very nice………your work is different….
    I like your concept…..

  • N Delgado

    This was a great short, sometimes the imagination runs wild with you! However, it made my day, i was laughing and then some every time i thought about it. Good job!

  • Rosanne

    Truly short but sweet.

  • helen spingola

    Cute – but gross!! Gross – but cute!!!