Tamarind: Life is sweet and sour like the taste of tamarind. Two people connect over the taste of tamarind and try to forget the past.

Director: Rio Puertollano

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  • Joanna Glushak

    Fantastic, very sweet This should be seen By all

  • Tobias

    He should put tamarind in her mouth. LOL!

  • Dennis Rogers

    Worth seeing. Check it out….A must.

  • Betsy

    Evocative and economical… everything a short film should be. Also, I loved Maria’s plaid skirt!

  • Jack

    “Tamarind” reminded me of people I know. Great to see real people on TV for once.

  • Rio

    Thanks for the comments! And thank you all for voting! Check out TAMARIND this Saturday on Thirteen/WNET! Thank you everyone and thank you Reel 13!

  • Jacob

    The film did not make any sense.

  • jason

    the plaid skirt did not make up for the lack of sense

  • Zada

    I agree with those who say that this film didn’t make any sense. I was confused. These actors connected? I missed it.