A connection is made during a subway commute.

Directed by Anthony Marinelli

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  • James Price

    Sweet, simple and true. How is it no one on the train seemed to know what was happening?

  • Robert Bedford

    nice film!

  • chris mchale

    Beautiful. Simple. Sweet.

  • john steijns

    dit filmpje is een duidelijke weergave van hoe liefde kan ontstaan .
    de maker hiervan heeft gevoel voor sentiment en laat zich vooral leiden door de eenvoud van filmen in het drukke bestaans leven van de mens .

  • kevin russell

    i voted for this short because it’s a situation we have all experienced
    i actually did the same thing that the guy did
    except that i did not put my thumb over her hand because i did not want to exceed the limit
    it would be interesting to see if the two of them actually met- exchange contact information- on the train or at the next stop.

  • carmel fusco

    this is really good. i enjoyed it. it’s funny too. very unusual. i hope it airs on channel 13.

  • Jo-Ann

    Nice work…very real feeling.

  • James Price

    by the way, these two are actually getting married Sept. 15. How is that for art reflecting life reflecting art?

  • James Price

    Translated from the Dutch above:
    This movie is a clear representation of how love can arise. the maker thereof has a sense of sentiment and had a particularly guided by the simplicity of filming in busy subsistence life of man.

  • Danny

    This short film is pretty lame, how obvious can something be, at least the other two have a layer of something with a message, this dude obvious has the most friends of the three directors…. oh well….

  • Mike Funk

    Great short film. The editing was extremely well done. a simple idea/story is all you need and its perfectly executed. Love the story line and the title. you really feel the connection with these two actors. This is why am voting for the short film. Hope it gets aired. best of luck -m

  • lisamarienyc

    Love this!! The tension between them is so sweet and pure. Beautiful

  • Stephanie Domini

    It’s very believable and a ‘meet cute’- beginning to a good film. I hope to see the rest!

  • Ginny

    Made me smile.

  • James Price

    Sorry Danny, but I feel the other two have a layer of nothing with no message and they could have had since the directors had so much more from which to shoot and create. The graffiti artists’ murals were wonderful to see, but that is not kudos to the film director, and they told me nothing. What Ant creates unobtrusively from a stainless steel pole and the behavior two actors sparkles like a gem in the middle of a subway train. Less is more. And. yes, friends are a good thing to have. Let the world be engaged.

  • Amanda

    I love this! It’s very sweet. It’s not letting me vote though.

  • Danny

    Sorry James, but if you did not get the message from let the arts roam there is something wrong with your intelectual reach, sorry to hear that.

  • Danny

    plus the fact that you guys are friends, makes your vote distorted al ready….

  • Doris

    I loved it! Definately believable. I’m sure it happens more often than people think.

  • Jen

    So Danny, which one was your friend, Let the arts roam, or Walk with me? Sorry buddy……

  • alex

    Are you all joking? This was so stupid. A boring male-perspective romance told in the most obvious and uninteresting way. Sweet. You should have voted for the Graffiti art movie. It gave you at least a bit to think about. Christ.

  • MGD

    I believe that those of you who are taking your criticism to the extreme are forgetting what is most important. You are voting on films that are experimental and Is hopefully truthful and personal to all who are involved in all of these films. P.S It will help to give an honest and less agressive review if you haven”t had such a bad day. Ciao for now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    I’m a New Yorker and I always wondered what would happen if . . . Thanks for answering the question. I agree with Ginny – it made me smile, too. Short, sweet and with a lovely message . . . and answer 😉 It got my vote.

  • Eva Vauchee

    Charming! Hope to see it this Saturday.

  • Elena

    I really, really, REALLY like this short film!! The way that the man’s hand protectively remains on the woman’s after the train stops short, and how their hands move against each other’s in synchronization just pulls the budding relationship of the two together. I also ADORE how the film ends with the announcer saying, “the next stop is…”, because it leaves, not only where the train is going next a mystery, but where their RELATIONSHIP is going next a mystery!!! Amazing film!!

  • Andy Z.

    I don’t think women I know would welcome this kind of touching. They already have to deal with so much unwanted ‘touching’ in the subway. It’ll encourage every creepy guy to just, ‘what the hell, do it.’

  • Kim


  • anon

    Anyone seen tube tales?!!