The eighth film in the ongoing “12 Films 12 Weeks” filmmaking challenge.

Written and directed by Keith Boynton, starring Jeff Pucillo and James Fauvell.

Watch two more 12×12 films that competed on Reel 13

Moving Pictures

The Jogger

Watch a lecture with the founders of 12films12weeks, representatives from Union Docs, the New York Film and Video Council and WNET.ORG at Thirteen Forum.

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  • Lucy Lehman

    The film was very eloquent and moving. It said that we all share problems, from the homeless to those without hope.

  • Jim Fauvell

    This short film is beautifully shot and edited. I would love to see much more from this extremely talented. Bravo Mr.Boynton!

  • Katie Gibney

    Wonderful! I’m so glad I had the privilege of seeing this. I was deeply moved.

  • Ellin Rind

    This is truly wonderful in every way! Beautifully shot, well-acted, great music!!! WOW!!

  • Terry Boniello

    Beautiful symbolism, music, acting, in short film-making. Well done.

  • jace alexander

    beautifully shot, conceived and directed. Performances are spot on. I am very impressed by all the work here.

  • helen roberts

    Short and sweet – but hauntingly sad…

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  • Kathi McAvena

    Loved it! At first it’s simplicity seem surprising, yet by the end I realized how carefully it was shot, the performance were so well
    acted ,much work had to be involved and the music was absolutely

  • Andrew Nutra

    Well made. The yuppie was believable. The bum should have been played by an old, black guy (no, it’s not a stereotype, more like an archetype). It’s easy to bond with someone if they kinda look like you, but with someone totally different?