Somewhere in a City

An experimental mood piece on loneliness in the city.

Directed by Cidney Hue.

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  • Rose Clark

    Very intriguing and haunting! Well done!

  • Rose Clark

    Well done!

  • Carol Zombeck

    Amazing music and wonderful visuals!

  • ollake

    Very good,it looks like the begining of Hollywood love moive,from the music part ,i can imagine a lot of stories about the actress ,maybe she was sensitive and emotional.

  • Jacko-Ollake’s bro

    Firstly, I was engrossed in the background music, then suddenly the amazing scene just leads me to a world like fairy tale story. Marvelous shooting angle that attracts my attention appears to be going smoothly and naturally. Hope that you will produce another masterpiece next time!

  • Nikki

    Haunting score. Lovingly shot. An upbeat ending that tells us there is hope.

  • Dr Alan Z

    Fantastic short! Music sets the mood and draws you into the film.

  • Cidney

    Thank you everyone! Your comments are very much appreciated.

  • Mary Beth

    This is my nephew Andrew. The music is amazing! Way to go Andrew!

  • Betty Walton

    I have watched the short video twice Love the music

  • Stephanie

    I found it to be taking too long to begin making it’s point. I’m going to watch it again with other comments in mind.

  • Stephanie

    Still found it a bit too long to the point but found ‘smoke in bottle’ and liquid collection interesting. thought it just said again, we’re all here for a short while in layers upon layers, not necessarily loneliness.

  • Helen Spingola

    Way too long to get to where it went…

  • Cidney

    Appreciate the comments Stephanie and Helen. The film’s logline is misleading and has been changed since but unfortunately, was not changed for Reel 13. Loneliness is just one facet of the emotions one might interpret from the film.

  • Kathy

    It is a great film! I like it very much

  • Jim Hazen

    The artistic rendering of the deep loneliness in the midst of a teeming city is portrayed in exceptional clarity in “Somewhere in the City”. Jim Hazen

  • Cidney

    Thank you Jim for that insightful comment! That was the exact idea I started out with when making this film.