This is a story of an adorable snowman, wandering alone in the arctic wastes…

Directed by: Mack Carruthers

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  • Ryan miller

    I love snowdrifter!

  • Barb

    Such an adorable snowman, with a very unexpected twist!

  • Norrie

    This guy is simply adorable, even if he is a mass murderer!!! The voice is perfect for him!! Snowdrifter rocks!!!

  • Lars

    Called my kids over, then regretted it when film reached penultimate scene. Although, well presented and well crafted!

  • Benny

    This lovable little guy pulls you in and pow! Brilliant!!

  • Jon Stahl

    Very cute, and a great use of dark comedy! (and thanks for your kind words)

  • Dnet

    Wow,when you think about it it’s creepy. Didn’t expect that twist. Very telling in so many ways
    Great short

  • Kay

    Mack – Great work, goodluck.