Silent Song

Silent Song: Images of a lost boy from the past color the present.

Directed by Elida Schogt

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  • Hedda Kopf

    My mother’s eleven year old brother died in Auschwitz in 1944. I have been thinking about him almost daily this year as my own beloved grandson, Noah has turned eleven. The pain and horror of my “uncle’s” murder is especially stunning as I revel in the beauty and muchness of my grandson’s vivid life. Thank you for this film. It matters!

  • Rosanne Gordon

    Never forget.

  • Manwell McClean

    Deer Reel 13
    My Name’s Manwell and I Want to Vote for Silent Song for the Short Film.

    Love Manwell

  • Shanita

    What a beautiful film. It is short yet powerful. A lovely work.