Rubbish: Frustrated by trash not being disposed of properly, a man takes matters into his own hands.

Directed by Amy Allen & Lisa Denny

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  • Nikki

    Lovely cast and a beautiful story that had me guessing right up until the end. Tightly shot, and nice choice of season to parallel the people.

  • Maureen

    That was adorable….

  • Gregory Foulks

    simple, yet very entertaining. Held my interest to the very end.

  • Jack

    Well done…

  • Joe Lutheran

    It kept you wanting to see how it would end.

  • Marilyn Olin

    What kind words will do! Lovely!

  • elly

    It is all about shifting one’s perspective, refocusing the lense.

  • Mary

    Well done. Sweet story and I do appreciate Borka’s frustration and perseverence with the rubbish. However, he learned something…we all can.

  • pat reilly

    Enjoyed! Made me smile. I know those people. They live in my building!

  • Sara Denny

    You never know when and where you’ll find companionship. And I like the kind attention the movie-makers paid to old people. Also the camera work kept me interested even though the set was so limited. Good story, good skills. Yay!

  • AL

    Lovely story. Everyone has the ability to be kind, and helping them find it can be ewarding.

  • Nikki

    Viewing it again, 2 years, later it still is a joy to watch.