Roses from the Wrong Man

Songwriter Christine Lavin sets her lyrics to a series of floral images.

Directed by Christine Lavin.

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  • Nikki

    The lovely imagery matches the lovely song.

  • ildiko

    a sensitively written true story of yearning…

  • Daniel W

    You can almost smell the sweet aroma of the blooms, such a tender song woven among them. Beautiful

  • Steve A

    The beautiful imagery, the sweetness of the music, and the poignancy of the story makes this the winner in my eyes. And I got a big laugh at the end, although it’s hard to imagine a bad batch of brownies.

  • Danny Ellis

    Beautiful, perfect match of music and song!

  • Pamela

    Having had this happen – with 100 long stem red roses – this song clearly picks up on the bittersweetness of the situation. Gorgeous voice -perfect for the arrangement.

  • Deirdre Flint

    one of my favorite Christine Lavin Songs!

  • Leila Rinehart

    Love our Christine Lavin !!!

  • Susan

    Christine is truly an amazing gift to the singer songwriters of the world. Truly the other side of Christine…..normally I look to her for a giggle but this is really a special piece of bittersweet.

  • BO

    Exquisite photography. Some of your best singing Christine.

  • vickie wykoff

    I have loved this song since the first time I heard it on the radio, here in North Central Indiana, on the Globe 91.1 fm. I was so excited when Christine posted it. Now to have this beautiful video too. This is a special song to me. I lived it…Thanks Christine

  • Cynthia Carle

    The most original, and it calls on my imagination rather than feeding me every bite. Love it.

  • Claudia Rifaterra

    Can someone tell me what’s the big deal with this video?
    the pictures are quite poor, seem to be made by an amateur. That shows that popularity is before of talent. The two other videos are miles better in terms of visual images.

  • Vanessa

    I have to agree with you Claudia..this video…c`mon!!! Pff…

  • Liz

    A truly memorable time in my life was depicted in this beautifully written, sung and photographed short. A confirmation, that one should not settle.
    Bravo, Christine!

  • H Stackhouse

    I love all her work. Yay Christine!

  • Sue

    Written by a “Babe” about a “Babe” – what a great song!!

  • Bernadette Jones

    A beautiful song equally matched by lovely photos.

  • Jenny Lynn

    Wow! The song is really beautiful and paired with such beautiful photography. I hope your film wins and we see it on Reel 13 Saturday night.

  • Max

    This video really sucks!

  • Michael David Quinn

    A new outlet for an American original!

  • David M. Sokol

    For years Christine Lavin has proven that she is the real thing, a songwriter/singer and a singer/songwriter (the sequence above is quite telling in my opinion). She is known throughout the industry as generous beyond compare, original as all get out, and she can bake too!
    With the new technologies of digital video she has quickly added to her talents, combining video images with her word images and musical images to create another layer to her creative message. I urge all to view her other wonderful videos on her site.

  • Max

    With the new technologies of digital video she should create a better thing…this video lacks creativity, the images shown are just the title of the music,the music… and the pics aren’t good enough to be in a 4 minutes video…I’m not discussing the music, but the audiovisual…As a moviemaker I’m disappointed, this can’t be the winner.

  • Nikki

    Max, may I respond to your comment about the images? Speaking as a watercolor artist who paints flowers, specifically roses, and who takes her own photos, I’d like to say that Christine Lavin’s photographs are about as good as it gets. Digital images are taking us in a different direction. Not that that’s a bad thing, but we shouldn’t lose the art of the unaltered, undigitized photo. It would be like saying a B/W film like Casablanca isn’t as good as Avitar because the former didn’t use “new technologies of digital video.” They each have their place in art, and I believe Ms. Lavin has chosen the correct form for her song.

  • Max

    Nikki, when I say something about the “new technologies of digital video”, I was saying that nowadays, anyone with a small budget can produce a good video, with a good quality images…but the video is not good only by the equipment, you need a good idea first of all. And unfortunately, Christine Lavin didn’t have it for this video. You must agree that a SLIDESHOW of roses for a song called Roses from the wrong man is very poor. The other two videos are better, they have a storyline, a narrative, they are SHORT FILMS.

  • Travor


  • Nikki

    Yes, Max, I understand what you’re saying. And in that regard I do agree, that something more inventive and unique could have been accomplished here. But, still, I’d hate to think that with the new technology, that we’re leaving beind the simpler, less complex and innocent way of telling a story. Some stories are better told that way, while others benefit from the complex. What works best, is, as all art is, in the eye (and ear) of the beholder.

  • Patty

    Such a beautiful song with such beautiful flowers.

  • Vanessa

    Sorry Nikki, there`s NO story here…a SLIDESHOW OF ROSES? This is not even close of a good video. VERY DISAPPOINTED. The other two videos are MIIIIILES AWAY BETTER.
    Just sad.

  • Vanessa

    As a video editor, I agree with you Max, this video sucks!

  • Nikki

    That’s what makes art so special – it’s never seen the same way to any two people.

  • Nikki

    The key to creating art is knowing which colors on your pallet, which tools on your belt, to use. Because you have all the colors of the rainbow, and all the bells and whistles of the trade, it doesn’t mean they are, all of them, right for a particular canvas. For me, personally, the other two films have no focus. This film has a specific focus. But, then, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And we should all be careful of branding a piece of art as bad because just because we either don’t like it or would have another way in presenting it. There are those who don’t like Jackson Pollack, and those who question what a pure black canvas is meant to mean. I worry that the younger artists, in all fields, are getting too caught up in the technical aspects of art, and not stopping to appreciate the simplicity of a single image. This doesn’t mean that Max and Vanessa are wrong – you can’t be “wrong” where art, in any form, is concerned. It’s just that maybe they need to go back to the basics and then evaluate. These are just the thoughts of one artist. No more no less. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and have a Happy Holiday season.

  • David Goldman

    Beautifully done; I echo David Sokol’s comments…

  • Christine Lavin

    I just read all the comments and am amazed at the wildly divergent views. I could have created a video that ‘acted out’ the story, but as a songwriter I’m all about the lyrics and didn’t feel a literal telling of the story was necessary. The rose photographs I snapped over a three month span, all from a single rose bush. When I first started taking the photographs I had nothing more in mind than documenting the flowers on this bush because the owner is elderly, doesn’t have much short term memory and the rose bush is her pride and joy.

    After months of photographing I had more than 2,000 photographs, and I started experimenting with putting them together in interesting ways. I used a very rudimentary program — no bells and whistles — and thru trial and error and many, many attempts, came up with something that I felt matched the music in a logical way.

    My brother Christopher had given me the quote that closes the film, and I thought it put a funny unexpected note at the end.

    I let friends know that my short film was in this contest, but I was very clear: “Vote for the film you think is best. If it’s mine, fine, but if you like one of the others better, vote for that one. That’s the folk music way. May the best short film win.”

    I am sorry that my film has upset some people — I never thought anyone would be upset looking at flowers while listening to a ballad, which is a true story, BTW — written about a brilliant singer/songwriter named Megon McDonough.

    Google her and you will make some truly amazing musical discoveries.

    Christine Lavin

  • Nikki

    How nice to hear the artist’s voice in the comment section. Thank you, Christine, for “talking” to us. Now that I know the photos are all from the same bush, I’m going to go back and watch the film again. As an artist and a (social/political)playwright I can tell you that all good art, in whatever form, generates controversy. But, I do have to admit, I also didn’t think that roses would raise people’s hackles. What it did was offer up a platform for discussion – that that’s always a good thing. Thanks for the beautiful film and the lovely song…and the smile at the end.

  • Nikki

    Just as lovely the second time around. Thanks for showing it again.

  • christina lake

    I love it!

    This is the winner!