Rooms: An old home tells stories of the people that once lived within its walls.

Directed by Jacob Mendel

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  • Nikki

    As the saying goes, “if the walls could talk” and Jacob Mendel gives them (a very unique) voice. It was a pleasure to watch such a well conceived and exeucted short.

  • David Hauka

    A gentle film that plays with nostalgia and the expected to yield the unexpected. Poetic and charming.

  • David Merian

    Excellently shot. The composition of your shots is very good, captivating.
    Although at first I expected a singular narrative to unfold, I enjoyed experiencing the narrative within each “room”. This was the best part of the concept and its execution.
    I also enjoyed the sound track, which was compelling; it allowed the imagination to flourish. Particularly the shot of the staircase – when the child ran down the stairs, I could just see and feel the child running toward me, which is altogether a wild phenomenon considering the static image combined with sound.
    Nevertheless, I was left yearning for something more, something more coherent and contingent from the “rooms” as a whole. Overall, it was more like disparate scenes (which you seem to have intended and executed). However, I wanted connectivity.

    Overall, nice work!

  • Jeong sunAh

    feels very nostalgic and sentiment to watch the static and old looking pictures with can-happening words.

  • Nikki

    With such a unique concept how about doing a murder mystery short done in this style, perhaps even Grand Guignol. I think they’d both be great fun done this way.

  • Kate McQueen

    This is such a beautiful short.