Ronan and Alyssa are about to break up.

A romance about time, inevitability, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Directed by Adam Bertocci.

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  • Nikki

    Nicely shot and good VO.

  • MovieCritic

    I love this film.

  • Nancy

    This is lovely. Touching and thought provoking – brings back a memory or two….

  • Laura

    Great film! Emily, you look great!

  • L N

    “R&A are about to break up” is a professional production that made me want to know more. Still, the short film was precisely the right length. Kudos! — from Brooklyn Heights, NY



  • David Ker Thomson

    I don’t usually fall in love with characters inside my computer, but under the circumstances I allowed myself to fall in love with A, the way you would if you only had seven minutes to live. Lacan said something like, there are no relationships. Meaning, I guess, they have to be fantasized. I gave myself to this film because it let me do so. It didn’t just speak to me, it spoke me.

  • Kar B-B

    Well done! Love the story!

  • JOAnne

    wonderfully thought provoking-I’ve seen it 9 or 10 times now!

  • JOAnne

    best movie in the entire world! Iloved it it was very interesting! Nice bridge! Your you really at that bridge when you filmed it? Omg it was great you are awesome at making movies! Great idea for the narrator!
    OMG! OMG !OMG SO GREAT! from megan

  • Jim

    where did you find that narrator? Man up!

  • Nancy

    I really liked this film – very well done.

  • Hazel

    Lovely, quiet, and understated. It left me wanting more.

  • SueM

    Very well acted film. I want the rest of the story. The films end with the camera click and Emily’s (Alyssa) Mona Lisa smile is superb.

  • Nikki

    Beautifully shot and just the right length. It allows the audience’s mind to fill in the ending.