Director: Reynier Molenaar

REPLAY is Reynier Molenaar’s international award-winning short film about a free-runner who has exactly 4 minutes to catch a mysterious thief.

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  • Locker Rushing

    Wow! Really cool!

  • Charo


  • christina

    i loved it!!

  • Rocio

    We all love it! Best of luck Reynier!!

  • Angelic

    You guys Rock!!! Gio & Reynier I wish you the best of luck… I know you guys will win… :)

  • Dian

    Remarkable, excellent job. Facinating. Wishing you all the best of luck. It’s a winner.

  • Alex

    Really sweet! Hope to see this on saturday night!

  • Jacqueline

    Excellent job, I love you and wish you the best. You don’t neeed luck,God is watching over you and your hard work.

  • Nikki

    The voting on the shorts has become nothing more than friends voting for friends. It’s not voting for the short you think is best. It’s who knows the most people. The voting should be set up the way the Oscars are in that you have to actually see the film to vote on it. You should have the link to vote at the end of the films, and you have to watch all three before you can vote. The way it is now you don’t even have to watch any of them to vote. One short, as of today, Monday morning, has 223 votes and only one comment?! What does that tell you? And this short has almost 200 and only 8 comments.



  • Saharah

    I dig this short! Talented Director with vision!

  • carl


  • Brad M

    Great Film. Deserves to win. Im looking forward to seeing it Saturday on PBS.:D

  • rafael d

    Great film. It should win. It is a tight, smart and well done short film.

  • Adam Sloan

    Excellent as mac and cheesee!

  • Tashenka

    It is very good and didn`t boried me, the others got me like, when is this going to end.Congratulations I like action thas why i voted for you.

  • anira manbru

    is a amazing film …

  • ty nicolai

    great film…..



  • maria

    I think that your video is GREAT, congratulations and god luck

  • gham


  • Bill McG

    Nice work! Very well executed!!

  • Nikki

    And it’s happening again. It’s not fair to the other films.

  • rejecht

    mmm Binary. *arhlll*

  • helen spngola

    Watching this film = my interest never flagged -