Rat on the Moon

Rat on the Moon is the story of a toy’s journey to the moon through the vivid imagination of a little girl. The story touches upon the creative vision and fantasy of children, versus the true facts of reality. It’s been made by mixing cell animation with live action. It is inspired by the childhood memories of the filmmaker.

Directed by Nurbanu Asena

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  • Judy

    Imaginative and lively music to beat the band! Adorable flick for all ages, but cover the eyes of your stuffed animals.

  • Tarkans Yavuz

    Beautiful film!

    It has a story. And runs fans.

    Rat figure is cute. Congrats!

  • osman demirbas

    gorgeous movie. story, music, characters and every thing were so good. congratulations!!

  • Eric Reese

    Awesome movie and story

  • fred

    after that doll, that girl imagined she was going to the moon

  • tolga salman

    félicitations pour ce court-métrage magnifique!!!!!

  • Joann Breslin

    This film “Rat on the Moon” looks like a fun, upbeat short!!!

  • Doreen

    This a clever mini; A wonderful view of a little girls imagination going to the moon.
    Wonderfully done. Aplause please….

  • Bonnie

    Love the handheld camera ;)