An Oxford man’s daily life begins to show several cracks.

Directed by Jem Talbot.

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  • sue

    Brilliant and clever.

  • Charles

    Great film; beautifully shot, talented acting and brilliant directing.

  • ali wilson

    very beautiful, great concept, henry you look so handsome! Well done Jem x

  • missy

    Beautiful vision

  • Kendra Floring

    This was a beautifully created short film. I loved what it spoke to me personally. There was a wonderful cohesiveness with regard to the symbolic nuances present throughout the film. Director Jem Talbot, fantastic work!

  • Lifelong Jem fan

    it’s no use narkin’

  • Guy Hodgkinson

    Kremp, you play the part so well! Well done Jem is really well shot.

  • LO

    Beautifully shot, I imagine this required a talented storyboarder. Great cat.

  • Taz

    Seriously guys you need to vote for this. The directory has been living on my sofa for the last month and he needs the money. Please vote i want him out of my house. Also this is a great short

  • Liz Hodgson

    A very clever piece, well done to all concerned and good luck!