Por Fin Pario Paula

Amidst this male-dominated musical environment, women come together to create a percussion ensemble.

Directed by Christopher Newman & Patricia Alvarez Astacio.

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  • Nikki

    I liked seeing women working in a field we associate with men. I would have liked to see the more of the city used as a backdrop, and I wished I hadn’t had to wait until the end credits to see them play. The one man on the side enjoying the woman’s music was a nice touch.

  • Xochitl C

    I loved this short film! Chris and Pati Felicidades in bring this story out! The film higlights issues of “gender spaces” in musical world and Latin America. Can’t wait to see the rest of the film and how to see aired on PBS!

  • Gloria

    Well I’m a sucker for docs about gender. I love this vid! Great work, and perfect musical timing.

  • Ralph Vázquez-Concepción

    I love this short film!

  • Sandra espinosa


  • Jandira Palomino

    Felicidades Paulas!

  • mary Jean Place

    Excellent film. Good direction and story line by Adele Fournet. I wish the girls good luck. They have a good start.

  • Aryamani

    Fenomeno Manjarika! Saludos y comparte tu trabajo que yo paso la bola!


  • Luis Garcia

    Buen trabajo. 8 minutos en que abren sus corazones, y se siente.

  • Leda Sosa

    Power Woman!!! muy buenooooo exitos chicas!!! me ha encantado!!!

  • Stacy

    amazing. empowering. love the music. how do i get a pario paula t shirt?? love the logo!