Pickles for Nickels

Pickles for Nickels: This creative animation uses recycled materials to tell the story of a neighborhood – and a man – struggling to survive a city that seems to be passing them by.

Directed by Danielle Ash

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  • carl contrera

    inventive and poignant

  • Nikki

    Well done, and saddly true, as we lose more and more neighborhood cultures every day. Interesting use of paper – very imaginative!

  • Viewer

    Really really beautiful in every detail. Great music. This won my vote!

  • Michelle Cuthbert

    This was very creative, well put together and a joy to watch! you are talented!

  • Josh Buxbaum

    Wow..the whole thing came together beautifully from the images to the sound to the overall tone. Really nailed it..really cool.

  • Linda

    loved it. very well done! Keep creating…

  • Tova Ackerman

    It’s terrific. Both the figures and the music
    give it a real style. I can’t wait for the next one.

  • Joan

    Loved this short film! Shows creativity and expresses emotions and feelings through its music.
    Great characters portrails of the lower east side.
    Beautiful job!!

  • garry

    It’s’a communist movie do not vote for thi

  • Nan

    extremely well done and creative – the lighting, terrific music, great actors, wonderful details like the pickles among the stars and the TV screen. The bitter-sweet story was lovely. Great evocation of a now-gone time in NYC. Hope to see more from Ms. Ash.

  • reg szikora

    The whole of it is superb. The detail incredible, and the style is owned.If this is a begging of a career I am looking forward to the Oscar nod soon to come.

  • Lisa


  • Paul

    Really Great!
    Glad you won!

  • Zalman

    Loved it! Except for the deus ex machina. :+(

  • Janis

    Excellent environment construction! You nailed the tone with the lighting and the music. Very well done!

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  • Fay Barrows

    Very creative and timely. The best of the lot.
    Music and soundtract, figures and the fact that were made from environmental stuff is another asset.
    Loved it.

  • Jazmin

    Bravo for the use of paper & cardboard. Ingenious and creative. This film captures the texture of bygone neighborhoods. The direct implication of Jewish culture is evocatively presented through the music. Well done!

  • alex g.

    this film is so adorable.Its absolutly enjoyable.

  • Jeanette H

    Wonderful short film. When I first saw the name it brought back memories of my Grandma singing the Pickle song to me when I was a child, THANK YOU for bringing back that memory :)