Peanut Butter and Graduation

Peanut Butter and Graduation: A clay-mation film about growing up.

Directed by Greg Condon

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  • martin

    Why does life have to be so last minute? why does it have to be rushed into the few moments where it actually counts? Why can’t it be spread apart and dealt with at small dosages throughout our day? Because thats what makes it defined as life. I enjoy this short because it portrays the simpleness of these statements in a way that I can certainly relate to, while giving the idea a softer edge by making it animation. I give this short a thumbs up.

  • danny rhein

    penut butter and graduation was pleasent to watch. I would like to see more.

  • Judy

    This week’s choice of shorts was a tough one to vote on since all were voted “the best” in past polls. But this one has the only vote that I could give. Claymation has always fascinated me since Gumby and Mr. Bill and up to Wallace and Gromit. The time it takes to do just a short like “Peanut Butter and Graduation” must be enormous! The story and meaning behind this short is so true. At the age of 62, I still wonder, “When will I grow up?”. Well done Greg Condon!

  • Johanna B.

    Clamation concept & execution-BRILLIANT! A lost art that should be revisited & used again & again in film, commercials, etc.
    To Animator–Thank you for striking a creative & relevant cord.