My Heart Belongs to You

An enamored hamster fights off evil demons in this musical tale of unrequited love.

Directed by Lev Polyakov.

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  • mykey hugeins

    Very cool song Colin ! Very cool animation too!!

  • Josh Stolberg

    Really, really enjoyed this piece. Funny, clever, a great song and really inventive animation. Congrats to the creators.

  • Frank

    This Video Sucks Ass. I will eat that Hampster.

  • Roman

    I love it =)

  • rosa morris

    This animation was so clever! And the tune to the song is contagious!!! Loved it…. Keep creating guys!

  • Jiyeonnn

    sweeeeeet :]

  • Christine

    Not only is the animation very creative, the musician is very talented, & the theme is very sweet! Loved it!

  • Marina

    Loved the music, loved the cartoon! Great job!!!

  • Jenni


  • Jake

    This person is totally cheating…

  • Donna

    nice song

  • Steven Lucky Benson

    The song is a wonderfully pure and fun sound and as another viewer commented the video is clever and imaginative. GREAT JOB! *loving it*

  • Nzingha

    Loved it!

  • interesting

    wow, lack morals and ethics much? Way to be a cheater.

  • Kazuma

    why are people saying this video is cheating? at this point, it’s mostly a popularity contest… maybe this guy has a lot of friends. seems like the 2nd ave video is racking up votes just as quickly as this one is. i dunno how you can accuse either entry as cheating.

    what a lame thing to say…

  • Kazuma

    whoever Jake and “interesting” are…

  • Jake

    Are you an idiot? No one has that many friends. The video went up by thirty in two seconds.
    what a lame thing to think…

  • Really…

    How can it not be cheating if they are continually up by 30+ votes. Obviously, 2nd ave has a fan base, I can’t imagine that this would have such a vast fan base that they can gain so many votes in such a short period….

  • Really…

    “An enamored hamster fights off evil demons in this musical tale of unrequited love.” Demons…oh ok that’s relevant to a classroom hamster….

  • Amy

    Great to see another stupid animation wins another short ‘film’ contest. Way to go

  • Kazuma

    why is it so unbelievable for this to have a fan base? Colin Huggins is a well known pianist in NYC, so it’s completely plausible… why are people resorting to lameness by posting accusations like you guys are? No reason to resort to that.

  • Puh Lease

    Nice use of Proxies Hampster!

  • pearl

    loved it!

  • pearl

    love it!!

  • Jenni

    congrats colin and lev! i know you guys worked super hard on this, way to go! good to see your efforts pay off with this success :) can’t wait to see this on TV!

  • Jessica

    People are entitled to their opinions. You are as well Kazuma. I personally think your opinion is naive, but valid. I disagree completely though. That being said, we should all move on with our lives and broaden our vocabulary to words other ‘lame’. There are other adjectives. Riptide dude*

  • Kazuma

    “How can it not be cheating if they are continually up by 30+ votes.”

    So… if that’s suspicious to you, how do you explain the other video always being behind ~30 votes? Because it was catching up just as fast! Both videos were great, and so both had huge fan bases according to the # of votes and the rate at which the votes picked up near the end. Stop accusing the winner of something you don’t have proof of, and just congratulate all entries as having done a good job. Both runners had great videos!

  • Paul

    Congrats! I can’t wait for my kid to see a hamster fight demons for the love of his teacher. Great concept…

  • Tamara

    Congrats, Lev! Keep up the good work!

  • julia ostrovsky

    Excellent job!!!
    I really like it . Go ahead and do more …

  • Robert Rosenbatt

    Told ya!


    John Lennon was right when he said, “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE’

  • Bill

    Wowza! Very nice.

  • juline

    luv luv luv, lev!

  • Stephanie

    Actually my comment is on when the ‘short’ is shown. One must stay up past 1:30 am Sunday in order to see the selected short???? Why not between the feature and the indie? Putting it last sucks.

  • Nikki

    I agree with Stephanie. The short is being religated to the last slot and most people aren’t up that late. How about a slot either before the feature or Saturday early evening? And the indie, too.

  • Lev

    Hi Everyone. For some reason the voting is… over? It isn’t Wednesday @ 5:00 yet, so I’m guessing this is a technical error.

  • Vivek

    beautiful and entertaining