My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things: A young boy discovers the only thing better than finding a treasure is giving it away.

Directed by Edward Styles and kidswithcrayons

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  • Josh ‘trew’ Beaumont

    Truly the most sensational, heart-warming and euphoric short film i’ve seen for quite some time. I don’t half dabble in a lot of dribble but i’d say this is no squibble, far from terrible. Well done!

  • Nikki

    Charming, well shot, nice castiing, good concept, nice score – and very unique end credits.

  • Luz

    What a sweet film. A celebration of love in its pure
    and simple manifestation; Thank you

  • Sharel Ann

    Simply charming…………..the story, the music, the cast….all just lovely.

  • Dianna

    How sweet!
    Loved the music.