A homeless man has a high-tech reunion with his family.

Directed by Nuno Rocha.

Q&A with Filmmaker Nuno Rocha

Writer/director Nuno Rocha.

Writer/director Nuno Rocha.

Explain how you decided to use your previous film, “3×3,” in this film. Do you have any larger ideas about the overlapping cinematic “world” you’ve created?

I needed a comedy showing in the TV screens because it was supposed to be the main character (homeless man) watching and laughing at the TV. I used “3×3″ because it was a comedy, and I had all the rights from the movie. Just as a curiosity, “Ricardo Azevedo” the security guard from 3×3, is watching himself, now as an homeless character in “Momentos.”

I liked the idea of having my own film inside the film. I’ll probably use “Momentos” (the part when we see also “3×3″) in a future project, if I’ll need something random passing on a tv screen,  I’ll use that footage… and then in another one… and so on, so for a few seconds, my previous works can be seen in one shot. That’s exciting.

Describe the genesis of the idea for this filmŠ was it a contest for LG? What were the parameters?

This was not a contest. This was actually a work for LG Portugal through Fullsix Agency. LG didn’t want a typical commercial, and they wanted to do a short film where the product wasn’t the protagonist, but just a subtle link to the story, without any close-ups on the brand. This was a very noble and smart attitude from the Agency and LG. Rui Vieira, creative director from FullSix agency, gave me total freedom to write the story witch I did with Victor Santos (co-writer).

Despite the sweet ending to the film, there are ominous subplots afoot, particularly when the unseen person sets up the DVD of the homeless man’s old home movies. What are you ideas on the role of the camera in society, and how we’re almost always being watched?

We are in an era that simply tracks everything we do no matter our social class, we cannot avoid to be filmed, photographed, and been exposed on internet for instance. I only have one or two pictures when I was a newborn, nowadays all babies have hundreds taken by their parents. This is just an example how technology changed our life’s, for good and bad.  In “Momentos” it came to be a good thing, though.

Is there anything you’d change about the film now looking back at it?

None at all.

What are you working on now/next?

Right now I’m working on a script for a feature film.

See more of Rocha’s work on vimeo.

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  • Nikki

    To be able to tell a story without dialogue is a special talent. I cried at the end and smiled from ear to ear when the family was reunited. Thank you for a lovely film – it will stay with me for a long time.

  • Helen Spingola

    Powerful! Emotional recognition of the unhappiness we
    cause – but also of the joy of reunion – great ‘voiceless’ film!

  • Walter Curtis

    I enjoyed this film as it touched my heart. I like it because it is more likely to be repeated throughout this decade in the life of people who have found themselves crushed by life and loose the path that they were on. It offers a solution.

  • Paul Singleton

    Great Work Great Work absolutely GREAT!