Missing Emily Madison

Missing Emily Madison: Dreams and nightmares overlap as a man’s reach for the truth exceeds his grasp of reality.

Directed by Mark Carey

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  • Jacob Anderson

    Not bad, seems a bit influenced by “Memento” and “Inception” with it’s attempt to have us question what is reality and what is dream. Some of the acting seemed stale, but overall not bad.

  • Jhalie

    i don’t get it.

  • marion streczyn

    This film catches your attention right away and keeps your interest. The sound effects are very well done. I really enjoyed it. I think it deserves to win!

  • Kellidanyail

    Yes, I agree…. this film deserves to win!!

  • Aknight


  • cmf

    Film is well done. The idea is pretty original. I think the actors are believable and I enjoyed it. I think it should win!

  • FilmFan

    Hey Jacob— the film was created long before Inception. I think the acting by the main character was great.

    Jhalie— it’s the kind of movie that makes you think. Watch it again.

    I agree with everyone else that this film needs to win. It’s original, interesting and obviously has some incredible talent involved.

  • Chris Imbasciani

    I loved it!

  • j harris

    interesting wanted to see more! a winner in my book