Mechanical Ballet

A day in the life of a tram, shot entirely on location in Prague.

Directed by Nona Catusanu

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  • Michael Jeremiah

    Simply beautiful. Wonderful vision from the film maker.

  • Fay Thomson

    I thought what a good idea and enjoyed seeing Prague from a new perspective. The images stay with you. Has one wishing to be in a train where there are woodlands with flowers.

  • Gabriela Mircioiu

    Loved it, especially some angles are quite unique. Has a nice flow, beautiful…

  • A. I. Blumberg

    Thoughtful perspectinve

  • david

    a magnifique film, une véritable artiste, un grand futur nom!!! avec admiration de France!

  • motoc aurelia

    adevarat film ,succes in continuare!

  • George

    I found it a bit empty. The music dampened it.

  • lolek

    In this “contest”, the “losers” are, in fact, the winners.

  • Coca

    I find this short the most intelligent and the most poetic of all three. Congratulations! I find it poetic because it’s based on the metaphor of ballet. And because of it, I would look from now on the meanders from up in the air and down on earth as poetical transfigurations of reality, as would the surrealists. Great little movie.