Coming from a small farming town in the Midwest, struggling as a bike messenger, Nathan has an antidote to New York’s sirens, garbage trucks and drills.

Directed by Geoff Feinberg.

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    Very original and good short film

  • jd jones

    Lovely film. A meditation on living in the city and how we must keep our own center.

  • roger haiat

    geat narrating, excellent rythme to it, gripping, and thought-provoking!

  • Cathy Schwarz Sapeta

    Nate the young artist capture the euphoria we young performers feel when the whole world is at our fingertips yet the city noise overwhelms us. Bravo! Cathy S

  • Eric Schayer

    Nathan’s voice carries not only a ‘basso profundo’ musical vibe – it also has a deep connectedness that speaks a very powerful foundation spiritually – even if the structure loses its bearings & jiggles from time to time. It is usually such ups and downs that characterize spiritual growth. Straight lines are the fancy of an idealized world. Nonlinearity is much more real.

    Oops – I lost it again .. please disregard the foregoing.

  • Jennifer Skura

    Until now, I have not been able to share how I often feel in the struggle with loving and hating this beautiful city. Thank you to everyone who made Locomotive and thank you Nat, for sharing your story. Art like this helps us all to be heard! Congratulations!

  • Sexo

    As a messenger, been there. If it were not for the endorphin high I would not have made the Summer…

  • jason

    He overcomes through his breakdown, ascends to the top through his moment without even knowing it…natural adaptation his way.

  • Helen Willis

    Loved the film. V ery atmospheric and thought provoking.
    Well done and good luck!

  • Jodi

    LOVED IT!!!

  • Tamara R

    Was very taken with the mood and feeling of this film, it’s perfectly told and calibrated and is loaded with
    quite emotion!! So well done.

  • dave flood

    well made and better with a second viewing.

  • Damian

    This is quite a moving metaphor for pretty much anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by their personal situation.

  • Sheila Solon

    Very deep way to show how we can be affected by our environment…
    The sounds of this very well made film made me feel uneasy and at the same time grateful to live and work in quite places in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Congratulations. It’s short but impacts and makes you think…

  • Kari Anderson

    Profound, moving, thought provoking, emotional piece of work. The emotional narration/script from the point of Nathan’s singing, all the way thru his dissassociative state, and to his riding off as he returns to his being “back in his shoes again” is brilliant. The ambiguity of the narration was so emotionally powerful as we hear him so painfully laugh at his cathartic experience. I hope “Locomotive” wins, it’s very deserving of the honor.

  • Nora

    Yaaay Nathan! Hope you get to be on TV! (at least, that’s what Mimi told us)

  • Judith

    Beautiful and moving film. Modest in scale, it is deeply personal and profound, perhaps especially because it uses simple and economical means to describe a very complex crisis of the spirit. Nathan’s gentle, thoughtful speaking voice, his powerful singing voice, and the dangerous and chaotic environment in which he moves create a fitting metaphor for the soul’s journey.

  • Jeanne

    Proud to see our customer from Bloomington Indiana in NYC living his dream. Yes it is quiet here and we can ride our bikes and hear birds and insects letting our mind wander and wonder. Proud to see our bike in the big apple serving you so well as your IU School of Music education. Good luck we are telling our friends to see and vote for your film. We have a similar contest here with a “Breaking Away” movie anniversary, this Saturday too.

  • Ben

    Really beautifully crafted piece – gorgeous photography, but I especially loved the treatment of audio – the sounds, the singing. Excellent work.

  • Rosanne

    Beautiful voice. Why doesn’t this man get a real job using his voice? What a waste.

  • Sheena

    Awesome!! very powerful…. i was shaking when watched it, i believe NYers would get the same feeling as i did. This one is Absolutely the BEST!

  • Robert

    Bravo, Nathan!!

  • Greg Skura

    Wow — just stumbled upon this — had no idea. Congrats, Nathan! Congrats as well to Geoff Feinberg. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Aaron

    Good way to vent out without winding up in jail or the loony bin. Love the way you captured the stress or city life from a rural/suburban person’s point of view! Do you do request? If so next time you’re on the 34th & 7th Ave area bellow out Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five’s “It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under!” (Message) and if you do so with a cup in your hand I’ll gladly fill it with cash! LOL! Nevertheless, great job! -Ash

  • James Howell

    FANTASTIC. A stunning voice with enveloping soul.

  • maddan

    awesome…whole new slant on primal scream….primal basso tenori.
    …loved it …nathan rocks….

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