A brilliant scientist travels through various dimensions in search of his lost love.

Directed by Andres Salaff.

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  • Will Kim

    Lifeline had so much energy and thought in every single scene. The composition is beautifully done and the drawings are very natural and sophisticated at the same time. A beautiful story telling and indeed this piece, Life Line is one of my top favorite films of all time.

  • Donato


  • Loretta


  • Nikki

    Lovely, and sad, and beautiful. It keeps you wondering if he will be with her in the end. It gives the view hope.

  • John Neumann

    This is a truly great film. Great animation and emotional content. One of my favorites of all time. Keep up the great work Andres.

  • Tom Galvin

    LIFE LINE by Andres Salaff is brilliant. It’s an emotional roller coaster metaphor of humanity’s search and need for love. All love requires is to let go of our fears and “life lines.”

  • Steven John Bosch

    Inspired by the Orpheus legend, I think. It’s a magnificent piece of animation.