Let the Arts Roam

Armed with a vision and their cans of spray paint, El Mac and Retna will transform a forgotten wall into a piece of art.

Directed by Joris Debeij

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  • Peter Laanen

    Joris is awesome and so is his short!

  • john steijns

    artistieke weergave van de schilders kunst in beeld in een korte impressie op video beeld weergegeven.

  • Danny

    Props dude! well done!!

  • Mike Funk

    I enjoyed this Documentary. As a kid I was fascinated by graffiti art work, I get it and love history of how it came about and how two artists really strived to the top of their game, am talking
    about Kieth Harring (who had a big impact on me) and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This
    documentary is about two artists – their work is extraordinary amazing and I do not call their work graffiti. They are true artists. Good luck with the piece, I enjoyed it. -m

  • janine vht

    a piece of art of a piecee of art :) ! good luck!

  • alex

    this should have won. It was better than the boring as hell dude-gets-a-boner-on-a-subway movie and infinitely better than the hipster-has-a-cute-dog-and-a-guitar movie.