Le Royaume

New to the woods, a king turns to a local resident him a castle. 

Directed by Sebastien Hary

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  • NoSuchThing

    great animation, congrats!

  • Trevor Zhou

    Hey Sebastien,
    Great animation and very fun story! Good sound work too! I’m impressed!


  • Fay Thomson

    I marvelled at the skills of the animator.

  • Nikki Raed

    Beautiful !

    Unfortunately, this is not a contest ! This is a BIG FRAUD !

  • Viv

    I tottaly agree with you !

  • George

    What do you mean by “BIG FRAUD”? I don’t get it.

  • lolek

    George: It means multiple voting by the same person. Over 400 votes in the last four hours? Please…How come the person with the least views gets the most votes? And the person with most views gets the least number of votes?
    This is supposed to be a film contest, not a high school popularity contest. It’s a shame that PBS tolerates this.

  • Christen

    beautiful animation and design, perfect pacing, efficient storytelling. this is what animated shorts should be like. great job!!!!

  • lolek

    In this “contest”, the “losers” are, in fact, the winners.

  • roy coria

    what an incredible animation. I loved it!

  • George

    lolek: Got it. Thanks.