Le Grand Jeu

Le Grand Jeu: A woman excitedly follows her lover’s clues to a mysterious adventure. After all, what is love without trust?

Directed by Yannick Pecherand-Molliex

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    Excellent !!!

  • Nikki

    Exceptionally well done. But I wonder why Pecherand-Molliex chose the cruel ending instead of an upbeat one. That’s not a crituque of the choice, only a question. In these misogynistic times it seems an odd choice.

  • Viewer

    Lacked a bit of finesse to really pull the ending off well, felt jarring without reason. It was well shot and looks good with great acting on her part.


    C’est terrible!!! :D Xellent!!!!
    Cinique hihihi!!!!

  • Tina

    I overcame the alarm clock cliche. But then the ending was campy and unjustified. Decent cinematography though. Meh.

  • Sonia

    Bravo j’ai vraiment pris mon pied et j’ai presque fait pipi sur moi hi hi hi

  • Robert Dickow

    Très rigolo! Je l’ai bien aimé! Quelle surprise à la fin.

  • Betsy Dickow

    Wonderful film!

  • robert greene

    wonderful music in an intriguing film. i want to see more of the director’s work

  • Jonah Mix

    America could always use more great French films!

  • caudron

    Triste réalité mais la musique évoque bien la libération

  • Rosanne

    The end did not justify the means but I liked it.

  • Chef Sun

    Deliciously wicked.

  • Louis Paul Toscano

    When did you show it? I thought the shorts came between the classic and the indie!

  • rose

    WOW.. amazing..

  • Jane Austen

    Such a cruel thing to do. It seems unjustifiable.

  • Cora

    Hummm….wonder what’s in the director’s world that lead to this ending? With a smirk on the face of the lover no less…the woman is better off….

  • rosemary

    I vote for this video clip.

  • LOUie D

    Ah yes, crazy young love, I remember it well.

    Very funny, thanks……LOU

  • Peter

    Very funny.

    I was thinking what a wonderful bday gift for the gf, and then that end happened, and I was like: Hmmm….that might work also. Ha ha.



    Ah!,this could be a case of Women Hate!!-Yannick ,Reverse the adventure– Bobbie!

  • Marta

    Cruel but funny…Excellent!